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From the beginning, we built our business on protecting the environment, particularly Hawaii's clear, blue ocean. The four dolphins that make up our logo symbolize our reverence for the ocean. It is our responsibility to protect Hawaii's waters and the life that it sustains.



Founded in 1982, our primary focus is to rebuild Hawaii's infrastructure for Federal, State, and City government agencies. For the past 36 years, we’ve accomplished this by not only serving Hawaii’s heavy mechanical construction industry but also helping sustain the very ecosystem we live in.



Successful projects always result from continuous proper strategic planning. From inception to completion of every project, our qualified project team collaborates with you to accomplish your outset goals. We are always devoted to total customer satisfaction.

We are equipped to implement larger piping for mechanical systems such as isolated pump stations and complete building air conditioning overhauls. In support of these projects, we are also able to perform our own site and concrete work.