Who Are We and What Do We Offer?

Civil-Mechanical Contractor (CMC) has been in business for 36 years and is a General Mechanical Contractor specializing in the construction and renovation of HVAC systems, potable water systems and sewer systems. HVAC services include the installation of chillers, cooling towers, fan coil units, air handler units, dehumidifiers, pumps, reheat coils, fans, piping and associated concrete work and structural steelwork to support the installation of the air conditioning and ventilation work. Potable water services include the construction and renovation of booster pump stations, deep well pump stations, granular activated carbon systems, chlorination systems, and water distribution systems. Sewer services include the construction and renovation of sewer treatment plants, sewer pump stations, chemical treatment systems, odor control systems, CCTV inspection, and trenchless sewer line & sewer manhole repair and replacement.

CMC has been performing HVAC services for over 30 years.

Defining Our Safety and State Results

CMC’s top priority is ensuring every employee returns home safely to their families. CMC has created a safety culture in which everyone in the company is responsible for each other's safety. It is not just one person who is responsible for security, everyone is responsible. Project activity hazard analysis, daily site inspections, weekly toolbox meetings, and annual training are safety practices set to plan for hazards, identify hazards, and having trained personnel to identify and resolve safety issues. Lawson and Associates, a professional safety consultant firm, is part of CMC’s safety team and is responsible for developing and overseeing CMC’s safety program and provides assistance in training, activity hazard analysis, site inspections and compliance with safety regulations. With the complexity of safety and the ever-changing rules, CMC has the support of a safety 1 of 5 CMC I Company Profile professional to assist CMC in complying with safety requirements and to maintain the safety of employees and guest at the work sites. The success of CMC’s safety culture and practices is reflective in our experience modification ratio of 0.75 (see attached Jack Wolfe Letter dated 9/4/1 8), the receipt of the 2017 GCA of Hawaii award for zero incident rate, and everyone going home safely to their families. (See copy of CMC’s safety award.)

Describing Our Quality Control Programs and Practices

CMC’s quality control program is a system of appropriate checks to ensure all work is furnished under the project plans and specifications and that no phase of work is allowed to proceed unless the prior period of action complies with the project documents. CMC’s quality control program is derived from the Project Submittal Log and the Project Schedule. The project submittal log identifies all materials and equipment that needs to be submitted to the owner for approval, and it is updated each time material and equipment is submitted for and approved by the owner. The importance of this phase of CMC’s quality control program is that it is transparent and assures all parties, (owner, CMC, suppliers, and subcontractors) that the products submitted for compliance with the project documents. The Project Submittal Log also keeps track of any testing required in CMC’s quality control program. The project schedule is used to manage the timeliness of each check under CMC’s quality control program such that all checks are scheduled and done in a manner that it will not prevent the timely start of the upcoming work on the project schedule. Although simple in concept, CMC’s quality control program has a lot of interconnecting elements and it can be best summarized in the attached flowchart. On a typical HVAC project, CMC’s quality control program will begin by selecting qualified suppliers, and subcontractors and these companies will be issued purchase orders and subcontract agreements. Each purchase order and subcontract will include the contract documents, so there is complete transparency, and all parties are working with the same set of documents to establish a project quality control program. (See attached samples of CMC’s purchase orders and subcontract agreements) CMC’s quality control program has two parts: an Administrative Phase and Construction Phase.