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Civil-Mechanical Contractor is a general contractor in Aiea targeting Hawaii's heavy mechanical construction industry for the past 35 years. Founded in 1982, our primary focus is the rebuilding of Hawaii's infrastructure for the Federal, State, and City government agencies.

We are equipped to perform larger piping for mechanical systems such as isolated pump stations and complete building air conditioning overhauls. We are also able to perform our own site and concrete work in support of our mechanical work on water, wastewater, and air conditioning projects. 

Our Practice


Successful projects always result from ongoing teaching/mentorship of proper and strategic planning. At inception and throughout every project life, our trained project team collaborates with the owners, subcontractors, and vendors and shares project goals resulting in remarkable project success. With planning and project clarity, we are always ready to respond and reward a satisfied owner. 

From the beginning, we knew we were in the business to protect the environment, particularly Hawaii's clear, blue ocean. The four dolphins that make up our logo symbolize our reverence for the ocean. It is our responsibility to protect Hawaii's waters and the life that it sustains.

Award Winning


We seek mechanical construction projects that demand precision, neatness, safety, and a high performance of each of our employees' mechanical efficiency.  One of our notable projects include the Kailua Regional WWTP and Collection System Odor Control Improvements - Phase 1, which won the 2017 GCA Build Hawaii Award of Excellence for Environmental Construction. 

Our concern for everyone's safety is at the top of all priorities. In order to be proactive and address safety issues, we utilize available training and have participated in the State of Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Consultation Program.